Myrtlefield House – neue downloads

myrtlefield.pngDankenswerter Weise hat das „Myrtlefield House“ (Belfast), die gemeinnützige Organisation, die die theol. Werke von Prof. D.W. Gooding (und teilw. von Prof. J. Lennox) herausgibt, in den letzten Wochen wieder richtig viel eingestellt und nebenbei die Webseite auf Vordermann gebracht.

Lohnt sich nicht nur wegen der kostenlosen Downloads:

  • 5. Psalmbuch: Der Messias
    „How is it that many of the psalms, and many of the other Old Testament passages, come to be a pre-figurement of the Messiah? Because the Messiah existed before they were written. The great plan of redemption that you find in that Old Testament scripture came from our blessed Lord in his pre-incarnate days. He was the Word of God, the root of David! He designed that David should be. He moved in history until David came. He sustained David and made him the very conqueror and deliverer of Israel who delivered Israel from her enemies and brought her to be one of the leading nations of the day. It was the Word of God, the second person of the Trinity, who designed David and designed his history. He designed it in such a way that, in the end, it should be a picture of a greater than David—David’s greater son—the Messiah himself.“


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