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myrtlefield.pngDankenswerter Weise hat das „Myrtlefield House“ (Belfast), die gemeinnützige Organisation, die die theol. Werke von Prof. D.W. Gooding (und teilw. von Prof. J. Lennox) herausgibt, in den letzten Wochen wieder richtig viel eingestellt und nebenbei die Webseite auf Vordermann gebracht.

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  • 5. Psalmbuch: Der Messias
    „How is it that many of the psalms, and many of the other Old Testament passages, come to be a pre-figurement of the Messiah? Because the Messiah existed before they were written. The great plan of redemption that you find in that Old Testament scripture came from our blessed Lord in his pre-incarnate days. He was the Word of God, the root of David! He designed that David should be. He moved in history until David came. He sustained David and made him the very conqueror and deliverer of Israel who delivered Israel from her enemies and brought her to be one of the leading nations of the day. It was the Word of God, the second person of the Trinity, who designed David and designed his history. He designed it in such a way that, in the end, it should be a picture of a greater than David—David’s greater son—the Messiah himself.“

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Nachlese zu Ostern 2017

D. Gooding:
„The Resurrection of Jesus Christ – The Rattle of Dead Men’s Bones“


The title for this lecture is ‘The Resurrection of Jesus Christ’. The subtitle, ‘The Rattle of Dead Men’s Bones’, was deliberately chosen to echo the words of a former Bishop of Durham. Objecting to the idea that our Lord’s body was raised from the dead, he said that, if it were so, it would have been a conjuring trick with bones.

Darum Ostern

David Gooding’s task in this lecture is to determine what is meant by the term ‘resurrection’ when we talk of the resurrection of Christ. What was it that gave the early Christians the courage to preach the gospel? What has science to say about the resurrection? And what is the nature of the resurrection body?

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The Definition of Christianity


The Bible confirms that the whole creation has a glorious destiny. The bodily ressurection of Jesus is the firstfruits of the restoration of the entire universe.

ChristianityWho gets to determine what Christianity means? Is it possible to understand its original message after centuries of tradition and conflicting ideas? Gooding and Lennox throw fresh light on these questions by tracing the Book of Acts’ historical account of the message that proved so effective in the time of Christ’s apostles. Luke’s record of its confrontations with competing philosophical and religious systems reveals Christianity’s own original and lasting definition.

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The Glorious Gospel of the Blessed God


God’s character revealed in the gospel

Glorious GospelNo subject is more likely to lead Christians to worship God for the riches of his love and grace, for the magnificence of his longsuffering and mercy, and for the truth and justice of his judgments than the gospel. But perhaps no other doctrines have more deeply divided serious and sincere Christians than those contained in the gospel, particularly the age–old controversy regarding the relationship between God’s sovereignty and human responsibility.

These four seminars seek a deeper understanding of the character of God as exhibited in the gospel in order to save us from holding any views and preaching any ideas that would detract from the glory of God and misrepresent his character. Rather than presenting a fully worked out system of theology, they call attention to Scriptures that have a bearing on this general topic and touch on the honour and character of God. No matter what view we hold to in these matters, all of us should be able to agree that it will always be wise to come back to holy Scripture as it is written, to test and, if need be, modify our own views.

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